Suicide prevention products

We propose a range of almost unbreakable textile products for a high security center (prisons, psychiatric hospitals ...).

These items are very difficult to tear or twist, for example, to make narrow straps or knots.

These articles are useful for the prevention of suicides or the prevention of aggression.

These articles are also useful for patients with psychological problems eating their clothes or bedding.

The used fabric is composed of 5 other fabric layers for a resistance that is higher than the other available products on the market, and which make it almost unbreakable.

According to the standards not fire EN ISO 12952-1 and EN ISO 12952-2 (December 2010).

All these items are machine washable.

We do not sell to the individuals.

We will be exhibitors at Medica in Düsseldorf / Germany from 14 - 17 November 2022 Hall 4 stand 06A (4H06A).

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Suicide prevention blanket Suicide Prevention blanket

198 x 147 cm.

Item Number : PE0010
Suicide prevention matress Suicide prevention mattress

190 x 90 cm.

Item Number : PE0020
Suicide prevention smock Suicide prevention smock 

Item Number : PE0050

Sizes : S ; M ; L ; XL
Suicide prevention combishort
Suicide prevention playsuit

Item Number PE0055

Sizes : S ; M ; L ; XL
Suicide prevention pillow Suicide prevention Pillow :

35,5 x 61 cm.

Item Number: PE0030
Suicide prevention slippers Suicide Prevention slippers

Item Number : PE0060

Sizes : S ; M ; L ; XL

We propose too a range of restraints for a high security center (prisons, psychiatric hospitals ...).

Long vest Long sleeves vest

Long-sleeved vest was developed to meet the needs of ambulatory patients. Tear-resistant tube inserts for the sleeves provide the patients with limited mobility while protecting both the patient and others in his environment. The vest is made of 100% hypoallergenic mesh nylon making it light and comfortable. The straps that tie the waist to the wrists prevent movement of the arms.

The two waist buckles have safety covers which prevent the patients from accessing them. The pelvic piece prevents patients from lifting the vest over their head

Item number : PE0100

Sizes : S ; M ; L ; XL
A-suit Restraint net 

The restraint net is a suit. This suit has been created with the purpose of offering more comfort and versatility than the other contention suits available now.

Comfort : Restraint net allow a face up or face down position on a bed. Actual use has shown that patients are so relaxed that they tend to fall asleep in the suit. In addition, the suit provides generous limb movement and easy blood circulation.

Security : Almost every part of the body can be released simply by opening one of the zippers. Limbs can be released one at a time and, in case of emergency, the four quick release buckles can be activated within one minute. The full length zippers open even more quickly.

Quality : Restraint net is made of top quality, hypoallergenic nylon mesh which is both soft to the touch and strongly enduring.

Item Number : PE0120

Sizes : S ; M ; L ; XL
Diframed will be exhibitors at Medica in Düsseldorf / Germany from 14 - 17 November 2022 Hall 4 stand 06A (4H06A)